Welcome and thanks for taking the time to read TheFitnessMecca.com. While you were browsing our website it may have seemed like we’re a huge corporation having a massive investing budget but in fact, virtually all of that you find on Fitness Mecca was designed solely by two individuals; a a married couple who also work together as fitness instructors with a tight budget.

We began preparing for Fitness Mecca in 2012 and we were up and running by 2014. Both of us labored a great number of extended hours beyond our every day jobs to carefully develop a single portion of subject material at one time. We eventually quit our jobs during the fall of 2014 to operate Fitness Mecca full-time, and yet even today you won’t find any expensive offices or impressive video studios; all that exists is an extra room in our house that turned into our office together with a modified garage that functions as our studio.

usJason has been employed in the health and fitness arena since 2001, and possesses a college degree in Kinesiology from the University of Texas. Stephanie has been employed within the fitness profession since 2008 and holds degrees in Psychology and Nutrition. The two of us have been proactive and interested in athletics since an early age.

We started Fitness Mecca because we think that health and fitness ought to be available to everybody, no matter their wealth. Additionally we noticed that there seemed to be an absence of trustworthy health and wellbeing info on online, and most people in the business had been far more concerned with physical appearance than they were on health.

Fitness Mecca is financed by means of advertising as well as the kindness of contributions given by our members. Charitable contributions assist in keeping Fitness Mecca cost-free and go straight to financing further expansion of Fitness Mecca’s services and features.

With our persistence for people who make use of our blog, we concentrate on delivering superior quality material we have obtained from more than ten years inside the health and fitness field. We know that when you make a proper, balanced diet and physical activity a high priority, your wellbeing and quality of life will certainly increase, plus your visual appearance will obviously indicate that, too.

For this reason we established the aim of delivering smart fitness material and detailed training videos for each and every level of fitness, with no cost to you. By doing this, each person has the means to access what they really need to make their bodies fit and strong.

We really hope that TheFitnessMecca.com functions as a reputable source of information in your quest on the way to perfect health.

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